Please feel free to email me at jdurrant (at) ucsd (dot) edu if you have any questions.

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  1. Manoj says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a PhD student working in the field of organic chemistry. Recently I got interested in computation docking and learned some software like autodock. I always found it difficult to analyse the final interactions between protein and ligand. So i am quite interested to learn BINANA developed by you.
    I know only window and do not have a basic knowledge of linux or computer language and i never use command lines.
    Is it possible for me to use binana for my computation work without knowing computer languages much, if yes then how can i use it in window.
    Waiting for your response.

    Thanking you

    Research Scholar (Synthetic-Chemistry)

  2. jdurrant says:

    Hi Manoj. Thanks for your interest in BINANA. I’ve gotten in the habit of creating graphical user interfaces for my more recent programs, but, unfortunately, I never made a GUI for older projects like BINANA. I have long term plans to make a web based version of BINANA, but not in the immediate future. Currently the command line is required. Best of luck to you.

  3. Julian says:

    Dear Jacob,
    If I understand correctly you have published a new version of POVME since the last time that I checked. But the link on the webpage ( goes to the old version. Or am I wrong?
    Best regards,

  4. jdurrant says:

    Hi Julian. We just submitted a manuscript for POVME 2.0 a few days ago. It’s much improved over version 1.0. (Faster, more accurate, new volume-analysis methods, a graphical-user interface, etc.). Hopefully it will be out in a month or two, assuming all goes smoothly with the reviewers. Thanks for your interest!

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