• Podcast: The Clever Coatings of Coronavirus

    It’s been months since the infamous coronavirus has crept across the globe, closing schools and workplaces and changing the way we live our lives. But why is COVID-19 seemingly so good at infecting people? What makes this virus different than others? We talk to undercover superhero, Rommie Amaro of the University of California San Diego, about her discoveries through computational simulation of what the virus actually looks like, how it moves, and what that means for each of us.

  • Visible Molecular Cell Consortium

    "UC San Diego is pleased to announce a Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program associated with the Visible Molecular Cell Consortium (VMCC) and the Center for Trans-scale Structural Biology and Biophysics (CTSBB)."

  • BioChemCoRe

    "A diverse outreach program in computational chemistry and biology that includes local students who are interested in computational science."

  • Teach-Discover-Treat

    "An initiative to provide high quality computational chemistry tutorials that impact education and drug discovery for neglected diseases."

  • ACS COMP Division

    "The Division serves a diverse membership and applies the latest innovations in theoretical chemistry to the experimental, physical, and biological sciences."

  • National Biomedical Computation Resource

    "NBCR enables biomedical scientists to address the challenge of integrating detailed structural measurements from diverse scales of biological organization that range from molecules to organ systems in order to gain quantitative understanding of biological function and phenotypes."